Saturday, October 25, 2014

There Is No Place at Which to Arrive

There Is No Place at Which to Arrive - JKOnline Daily Quotes

Can humility be practiced? Surely, to be conscious that you are humble is not to be humble. You want to know that you have arrived. This indicates, does it not, that you are listening in order to achieve a particular state, a place where you will never be disturbed, where you will find everlasting happiness, permanent bliss. But as I said previously, there is no arriving, there is only the movement of learning and that is the beauty of life. If you have arrived, there is nothing more. And all of you have arrived, or you want to arrive, not only in your business, but in everything you do; so you are dissatisfied, frustrated, miserable. Sirs, there is no place at which to arrive, there is just this movement of learning which becomes painful only when there is accumulation. A mind that listens with complete attention will never look for a result because it is constantly unfolding; like a river, it is always in movement. Such a mind is totally unconscious of its own activity, in the sense that there is no perpetuation of a self, of a "me," which is seeking to achieve an end. - Krishnamurti, J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cast off by outer and inner worlds

Cast off by outer and inner worlds
Oct 11, 2014 06:30 PM , By VANDANA GOPIKUMAR 
Alone... Photo: Thulasi Kakkat

These men and women were born in homes like you and me. They aspired for a bright life like you and me. Somewhere down the line, their lives changed, as they were deprived of what you and I continue to enjoy — life, health and personhood. And then their narrative changed.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Energy Creates Its Own Discipline - JKOnline Daily Quotes

Energy Creates Its Own Discipline
To seek reality requires immense energy; and if man is not doing that, he dissipates his energy in ways that create mischief, and therefore society has to control him. Now, is it possible to liberate energy in seeking God or truth and, in the process of discovering what is true, to be a citizen who understands the fundamental issues of life and whom society cannot destroy?You see, man is energy, and if man does not seek truth, this energy becomes destructive; therefore society controls and shapes the individual, which smothers this energy. And perhaps you have noticed another interesting and very simple fact: that the moment you really want to do something, you have the energy to do it. That very energy becomes the means of controlling itself, so you don't need outside discipline. In the search for reality, energy creates its own discipline. The man who is seeking reality spontaneously becomes the right kind of citizen, which is not according to the pattern of any particular society or government. - Krishnamurti, J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Interval Between Thoughts - JKOnline Daily Quotes

The Interval Between Thoughts
Now, I say it is definitely possible for the mind to be free from all conditioning, not that you should accept my authority. If you accept it on authority, you will never discover, it will be another substitution and that will have no significance.The understanding of the whole process of conditioning does not come to you through analysis or introspection, because the moment you have the analyzer, that very analyzer himself is part of the background and therefore his analysis is of no significance.How is it possible for the mind to be free? To be free, the mind must not only see and understand its pendulum-like swing between the past and the future but also be aware of the interval between thoughts.If you watch very carefully, you will see that though the response, the movement of thought, seems so swift, there are gaps, there are intervals between thoughts. Between two thoughts there is a period of silence that is not related to the thought process. If you observe you will see that that period of silence, that interval, is not of time and the discovery of that interval, the full experiencing of that interval, liberates you from conditioning or rather it does not liberate 'you' but there is liberation from conditioning. It is only when the mind is not giving continuity to thought, when it is still with a stillness that is not induced, that is without any causation, it is only then that there can be freedom from the background. - Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


. 6 year old girl raped in a bangalore school.

. Malaysian Airlines plane MH17 with 298 passengers shot down in Ukraine.

. Ordinary man, extraordinary heart....Dashrath Manjhi, constructed a 360 feet long, 30 feet high and 25 feet wide passage through Gehlour hills with a hammer, chisel and nails working day and night for 22 years from 1960 to 1982. His feat reduced the distance between Atri and Wazirganj blocks of Gaya district from 75 km to just one km, bringing him international acclaim.

. Palestinian death toll crosses 1000 in Gaza, mostly innocent victims consisting of women and children.

. Iraq: Shia shrine blown up.

. Ordinary man, extraordinary heart.....tracking one man’s journey into the land of giving.....When M.S. Bagai’s wife Sudhira died in 1980 of cancer, Bagai decided to support the drive for early detection of cancer in slums and urban outbacks. He began the Sudhira Bagai Charitable Trust with just Rs. 500. Bagai has since raised money to educate the children of a paraplegic soldier, provide milk to children living in the shelter of Safdarjang Hospital in New Delhi, buy medicines and milk for sick sadhus, and for a dozen other causes in a list that keeps growing.

. U.S. evacuates Libyan embassy amid clashes.

. Ordinary man, extraordinary heart....Jorge Munoz is a school bus driver by day and an angel by night. Every night for more than 5 years, he has gone home and cooked food for hundreds of people on his old stove. He then goes to a street corner in Queens, New York and feeds those that are hungry. He does this with his own money because "it's the right thing to do".

. Taliban kill 15 in Afghanistan.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

We think we relate.........and there is the unexplored world beyond words

"We  are relating only as abstract. Complaining against a particular act in a relationship is meaningless, as it is the abstract which acted, not the person. Abstract cannot be different, as that is its structure and it can act only that way. All the problems in relationships are of this nature only. It is action of 'the abstract', not the individual person"

In every relationship, it's only functioning. We think we relate. Its only the abstract. That's why there are problems. Does it mean that only abstracts are relating and no relationship beyond that?

The underlying factor is physical. But the operational part is abstract. It is abstract 'me' interacting with another abstract. Most of the time, the physical initiate the process, it is abstract which is operational, as that is our only functional tool. The physical is your son,  daughter, father, husband, wife, but the abstract is not. That's why it is in to all kinds of nasty, stupid actions.

We gather information about a person we meet,  store it in memory.  That information directs our interactions with him and also by the information freshly gathered. So, we are relating with that information, not with the person sitting across. If this is understood, even in the limited space of profession and business,  relating will be devoid of anguish and disappointment. We are engaged mostly with thoughts which is an abstract. We go by abstract state and don't live in feeling state. ("I mean by that word feeling, not sentiment, not emotionalism, not mere excitement, but that quality of perception, the quality of hearing, listening, the quality of feeling -a bird singing on a tree, the movement of a leaf in the sun. To feel things greatly, deeply, penetratingly, is very difficult for most of us because we have so many problems. Whatever we seem to touch turns into a problem."-K).

We live in a massive universe of unimaginable proportion. The abstract world we live in is minuscule. Almost all relating is abstract. Even though started being in physical,  all our relating is in abstract, whether it is with a son or a daughter or a husband or a wife. We start from being in physical, once we start talking/thinking, we slip in to the 'abstract verbal' subtly. WE LIVE IN ABSTRACT almost all the time. It is astonishing.......the full impact of it.....but beyond the abstract, possibility of different relating is would have seen that also many a time....the unspoken acts....

Getting upset with spoken words/shoutings....those are from the abstract of the person....also to the abstract of a person.....all relating is abstract....all professional and business acts are abstracts...but beyond the abstract, possibility of different relating is would have seen that also many a time....the unspoken acts....

Lost myself almost, lost a dear-one nearly, come across the whole world burning in selfish pursuits all the time. No communication possible and every past contribution, good deeds are forgotten in the milieu of present abstract engagement. Then why am I still engaging in abstract conversations? And what am I waiting for? If what's happening to me are messages, worser things could happen, are happening. When there is no tomorrow, why can't I live in the present? Is it rocket-science to see that thinking is behind all the anarchy and violence around us? Is it rocket-science to see, no thinking there is no violence? Is there violence in a mother's love or a father's responsibility? Is it true that we exist only moment to moment? Is it true that each nano part set the next?

The 'particular', being material, makes movement necessary. The 'restlessness', the insecurity of being alone  in an unfamiliar environment,  the utter necessity to be 'safe', 'under control' situation, being restless till the situation, environment is under complete control is the basic building block of the 'me'. That restlessness only seeks companion of a tv, movie, book, cigarette, time-pass food, etc.

Communication is a problem.  Even a casual civilized conversation is a problem on an issue.  The moment it's an issue,  we are alert to be defensive and the casualness goes. Its obvious as our living is in abstract. Then why try? Don't.  Just act. Don't talk.  When there is need for verbal communication, just communicate, don't try and have an elaborate discussion. To have order in day today living, establish practices which will take care of it.

Relating happens only in non-verbal a space which is beyond words...Why don't we look at the real being in our interactions? Directly relating to the energy.

This will be aided by just going about work without any thought about results. As long as my work takes care of my need, why should i worry about my assumed-reward?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Freedom from the Self - JKOnline Daily Quotes

Freedom from the Self - JKOnline Daily Quotes

Freedom from the Self
To free the mind from all conditioning, you must see the totality of it without thought. This is not a conundrum; experiment with it and you will see. Do you ever see anything without thought? Have you ever listened, looked, without bringing in this whole process of reaction? You will say that it is impossible to see without thought; you will say no mind can be unconditioned. When you say that, you have already blocked yourself by thought, for the fact is you do not know.So can I look, can the mind be aware of its conditioning? I think it can. Please experiment. Can you be aware that you are a Hindu, a Socialist, a Communist, this or that, just be aware without saying that it is right or wrong? Because it is such a difficult task just to see, we say it is impossible. I say it is only when you are aware of this totality of your being without any reaction that the conditioning goes, totally, deeply;which is really the freedom from the self. - Krishnamurti, J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

All Thought Is Partial

All Thought Is Partial - JKOnline Daily Quotes

All Thought Is Partial
You and I realize that we are conditioned. If you say, as some people do, that conditioning is inevitable, then there is no problem; you are a slave, and that is the end of it. But if you begin to ask yourself whether it is at all possible to break down this limitation, this conditioning, then there is a problem; so you will have to inquire into the whole process of thinking, will you not? If you merely say, "I must be aware of my conditioning, I must think about it, analyze it in order to understand and destroy it," then you are exercising force. Your thinking, your analyzing is still the result of your background, so through your thought you obviously cannot break down the conditioning of which it is a part.Just see the problem first, don't ask what is the answer, the solution. The fact is that we are conditioned, and that all thought to understand this conditioning will always be partial; therefore there is never a total comprehension, and only in total comprehension of the whole process of thinking is there freedom. The difficulty is that we are always functioning within the field of the mind, which is the instrument of thought, reasonable or unreasonable; and as we have seen, thought is always partial. - Krishnamurti, J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

Remain with a Feeling and See What Happens

Remain with a Feeling and See What Happens - JKOnline Daily Quotes

Remain with a Feeling and See What Happens
You never remain with any feeling, pure and simple, but always surround it with the paraphernalia of words. The word distorts it; thought, whirling round it, throws it into shadow, overpowers it with mountainous fears and longings. You never remain with a feeling, and with nothing else: with hate, or with that strange feeling of beauty. When the feeling of hate arises, you say how bad it is; there is the compulsion, the struggle to overcome it, the turmoil of thought about it.Try remaining with the feeling of hate, with the feeling of envy, jealousy, with the venom of ambition; for after all, that's what you have in daily life, though you may want to live with love, or with the word love. Since you have the feeling of hate, of wanting to hurt somebody with a gesture or a burning word, see if you can stay with that feeling. Can you? Have you ever tried? Try to remain with a feeling, and see what happens. You will find it amazingly difficult. Your mind will not leave the feeling alone; it comes rushing in with its remembrances, its associations, its do's and don'ts, its everlasting chatter. Pick up a piece of shell. Can you look at it, wonder at its delicate beauty, without saying how pretty it is, or what animal made it? Can you look without the movement of the mind? Can you live with the feeling behind the word, without the feeling that the word builds up? If you can, then you will discover an extraordinary thing, a movement beyond the measure of time, a spring that knows no summer. - Krishnamurti, J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

Do Not Name a Feeling - JKOnline Daily Quotes

What happens when you do not name? You look at an emotion, at a sensation, more directly and therefore have quite a different relationship to it, just as you have to a flower when you do not name it. You are forced to look at it anew. When you do not name a group of people, you are compelled to look at each individual face and not treat them all as a mass. Therefore you are much more alert, much more observing, more understanding; you have a deeper sense of pity, love; but if you treat them all as the mass, it is over.If you do not label, you have to regard every feeling as it arises. When you label, is the feeling different from the label? Or does the label awaken the feeling?If I do not name a feeling, that is to say if thought is not functioning merely because of words or if I do not think in terms of words, images, or symbols, which most of us do, then what happens? Surely the mind then is not merely the observer.When the mind is not thinking in terms of words, symbols, images, there is no thinker separate from the thought, which is the word. Then the mind is quiet, is it not? -not made quiet, it is quiet. When the mind is really quiet, then the feelings which arise can be dealt with immediately. It is only when we give names to feelings and thereby strengthen them that the feelings have continuity; they are stored up in the center, from which we give further labels, either to strengthen or to communicate them. - Krishnamurti, The Book of Life