Saturday, March 11, 2017

Krishnamurti: Is there an observation of silence by silence in silence?

Questioner: That's a new question.

Krishnamurti: It is not a new question if you have been following. The whole brain, the mind, the feelings, the body, everything is quiet. Can this quietness, stillness, look at itself, not as an observer who is still? Can the totality of this silence watch its. own totality? The silence becomes aware of itself - in this there is no division between an observer and an observed. That is the main point. The silence does not use itself to discover something beyond itself. There is only that silence. Now see what happens.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

If stillness to you is only a door
What lies beyond can be found only if the mind is still. There may be something or there may be nothing at all. So the only thing that is important is for the mind to be still. Again, if you are concerned with what lies beyond, then you are not looking at what the state of actual stillness is. If stillness to you is only a door to that which lies beyond, then you are not concerned with that door, whereas what is important is the very door itself, the very stillness itself. Therefore you cannot ask what lies beyond. The only thing that is important is for the mind to be still. Then what takes place? That is all we are concerned with, not with what lies beyond silence. - Krishnamurti, Eight Conversations,11

Friday, February 17, 2017

Thinking makes up the thinker .... Freewill and response of the totality... freewill is equally significant like response of totality ..... Response of the totality is the events unfolding in front of us all the time ...... this is flowing all the time ..... thoughts are also part of this response .... if the thoughts are pursued with thinking, thinker is created .... then, one becomes the mass .... and at that time, freewill is not exercised .... for that, only the islands (islands of thinking in the midst of river of life) and baggage are the problem ...

Its one life .... it could be cut short anytime .... there is something extraordinary, invaluable attained by Buddha, Ramana, Paramacharya, Krishnamurti .... that, they say so, is freedom and so should be sought by everybody ..... For an Indian mindset, fatalism is given .... that is why instead of looking at the problem which is alive and kicking .... and so end it .... he is argumentative all the time ... which is hypocrisy  and lack of integrity ..... and shameful to do in any other culture .... freewill is equally significant like response of the totality ....

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

why it is so important to be poor

When There Is Love, Self Is Not
Reality, truth, is not to be recognized. For truth to come, belief, knowledge, experiencing, virtue, pursuit of virtue - which is different from being virtuous - all this must go. The virtuous person who is conscious of pursuing virtue can never find reality. He may be a very decent person; that is entirely different from the man of truth, from the man who understands. To the man of truth, truth has come into being. A virtuous man is a righteous man, and a righteous man can never understand what is truth; because virtue to him is the covering of the self, the strengthening of the self; because he is pursuing virtue. When he says, 'I must be without greed,' the state in which he is non-greedy and which he experiences, strengthens the self. That is why it is so important to be poor, not only in the things of the world, but also in belief and in knowledge. A man rich with worldly riches, or a man rich in knowledge and belief, will never know anything but darkness, and will be the center of all mischief and misery. But if you and I, as individuals, can see this whole working of the self, then we shall know what love is. I assure you that is the only reformation which can possibly change the world. Love is not the self. Self cannot recognize love. You say, "I love," but then, in the very saying of it, in the very experiencing of it, love is not. But, when you know love, self is not. When there is love, self is not. - Krishnamurti, J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

Monday, February 6, 2017

What Is the Self? - JKOnline Daily Quotes

What Is the Self?
The search for power, position, authority, ambition, and all the rest are the forms of the self in all its different ways. But what is important is to understand the self and I am sure you and I are convinced of it. If I may add here, let us be earnest about this matter; because I feel that if you and I as individuals, not as a group of people belonging to certain classes, certain societies, certain climatic divisions, can understand this and act upon this, then I think there will be real revolution. The moment it becomes universal and better organized, the self takes shelter in that; whereas, if you and I as individuals can love, can carry this out actually in everyday life, then the revolution that is so essential will come into being.

 You know what I mean by the self? By that, I mean the idea, the memory, the conclusion, the experience, the various forms of namable and unnamable intentions, the conscious endeavor to be or not to be, the accumulated memory of the unconscious, the racial, the group, the individual, the clan, and the whole of it all, whether it is projected outwardly in action, or projected spiritually as virtue; the striving after all this is the self. In it is included the competition, the desire to be. The whole process of that is the self; and we know actually when we are faced with it, that it is an evil thing. I am using the word evil intentionally, because the self is dividing; the self is self-enclosing; its activities, however noble, are separated and isolated. We know all this. We also know that extraordinary are the moments when the self is not there, in which there is no sense of endeavor, of effort, and which happens when there is love. - Krishnamurti, J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

Monday, January 30, 2017


Self-Knowing - JKOnline Daily Quotes

Without knowing yourself, do what you will, there cannot possibly be the state of meditation. I mean by "self-knowing," knowing every thought, every mood, every word, every feeling; knowing the activity of your mind - not knowing the supreme self, the big self; there is no such thing; the higher self, the Atman, is still within the field of thought. Thought is the result of your conditioning, thought is the response of your memory, ancestral or immediate. And merely to try to meditate without first establishing deeply, irrevocably, that virtue which comes about through self-knowing, is utterly deceptive and absolutely useless.Please, it is very important for those who are serious to understand this. Because if you cannot do that, your meditation and actual living are divorced, are apart - so wide apart that though you may meditate, taking postures indefinitely, for the rest of your life, you will not see beyond your nose; any posture you take, anything that you do, will have no meaning whatsoever.;It is important to understand what this self-knowing is, just to be aware, without any choice, of the "me" which has its source in a bundle of memories - just to be conscious of it without interpretation, merely to observe the movement of the mind. But that observation is prevented when you are merely accumulating through observation - what to do, what not to do, what to achieve, what to achieve; if you do that, you put an end to the living process of the movement of the mind as the self. That is, I have to observe and see the fact, the actual, the what is.If I approach it with an idea, with an opinion - such as "I must not," or "I must," which are the responses of memory - then the movement of what is is hindered, is blocked; and therefore, there is no learning. - Krishnamurti, J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

Sunday, October 30, 2016

There is no permanent relationship

Is there any psychological security certainty or security such as the mind is always seeking? Obviously when you observe any relationship very closely, there is no certainty. In the case of husband and wife or boy and girl who want to establish a firm relationship, what happens? When the wife or the husband looks at anyone else, there is fear, jealousy, anxiety, anger and hatred; there is no permanent relationship. Yet the mind all the time wants the feeling of belonging. - Krishnamurti, The Flight of the Eagle, p58